Travel Destination: Petronas Twin Towers

July 31st, 2012
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The Petronas Towers at night


Petronas Twin Towers birds’ eye view

The Petronas Dual Towers in Kuala Lumpur had been the sector’s tallest buildings prior to being passed in 2004 by manner of Taipei 101. Alternatively, the towers are still the tallest twin homes within the world. The 88-ground towers are built largely of bolstered concrete, with a steel and glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art, a reflection of Malaysia’s Muslim religion. The Petronas Twin Towers features a sky bridge among the 2 towers on the 41st and forty second floors.


An Inside view of the Skybridge


The towers feature a double decker skybridge connecting the 2 towers on the forty first and 42nd floors, which is the highest 2-story bridge in the world. It’s not hooked up to the main construction, however is as a substitute designed to slip in and out of the towers to prevent it from breaking, as the towers sway a quantity of feet in in path of and away from each other during high winds. It also offers some structural assist to the towers in these occasions. The bridge is 170 m (558 ft) above the bottom and 58 m (190 ft) long, weighing 750 tons. The identical flooring is also called the podium, since guests going to increased levels have to vary elevators here. The skybridge is open to all guests, however tickets are limited to about one thousand folks per day, and must be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis. Initially, the visit was free but in 2010, the tickets began being offered by Petronas. Visitors can choose to go for package deal one which is just a go to to the skybridge or go for bundle two to go to the skybridge and all the method in which to level 86. Visitors are solely allowed on the forty first floor as the 42nd flooring can only be utilized by the tenants of the building.


My Comfort Foods Of All Time

July 30th, 2012
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What are comfort foods? My definition for this is they are foods that gives us the good feeling of satisfaction and happiness while eating and at the same time it invoke feeling of safety and security  to us while indulging it. Here are the list of my comfort foods of all time:

                                                                                  PIZZA  This is my all-time favorite food since I was a kid, I remembered eating one box of it and then stayed at the toilet the whole time, my price for over-eating pizza lol!


                                                                                  GRILLED SQUID  

One of my favorite seafood, I love the rubber-like texture of squid specially when it is grilled with stuffings inside.

It is best to grill a squid when it’s fresh, so its texture will not be ruin when you put it on hot grilling charcoal.


                                                                                    PAD THAI

This Thai-originated cuisine is the favorite of many spicy food lover including me. What I love about this food is that it consist of variety of ingredients which makes it flavorful. I love the aromatic taste of coriander which blends with other ingredients.



I am not really sure where this food originated, but one thing that really matters to me is that this food really makes me happy and satisfied. I love the crunchiness of the pita bread wrapping around the spicy and flavorful stuff inside, recommended a good snack.



Steve Jobs Presentation Technique

July 29th, 2012
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Apple Corp. CEO Steve Jobs is  best known for his electrifying presentations. He was one of the most

extra-ordinary speaker in America. He inspires most of his audience whenever he speaks and presents

something. This video is one of his presentations when Apple introduces  Mac Book Air way back in

2008. Watch this and learn how Jobs uses his technique to captivate his audience. You might apply his

technique in your own presentation.


Want To Get Scared? A Must See Movie – Orphan

July 28th, 2012
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At times there’s nothing scarier than a little kid–and Orphan will introduce us to Esther, a sweet and innocent looking girl but one of the scariest of them all.

When a young couple adopts a lovable nine year old girl, she seems appears heaven sent. But this little angel’s aura is looking downright crooked–is she really innocent as she seems? Brace yourselves–here comes the trailer! Does this movie give you the chills or just leave you cold? Thanks for watching!