Baby Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

August 31st, 2012
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A cute video of 11 month old twins dancing to daddy’s guitar. Keeps me smiling while watching this video hope you enjoy it. Happy viewing!



Stay Slim for Good by Following 6 Easy Steps

August 30th, 2012
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Being fit and slim is the ideal body shape we all want. But in reality this is hard to achieve for most people especially when food is easily available and not so healthy fast foods are everywhere.  According to studies dieting not only does not work, but that it often causes extra weight gain in the long run, it is time to see what we can do instead. But is there an alternative to dieting? Certainly, to drop those extra pounds, someone must eat less and try to exercise or be active more – and eating much less is dieting, isn’t it? Well not always.


Just follow these 6 easy principles to become slim and stay as slim for life:


1. Take your time to properly taste and chew your food

This is the most effective and important of all the principles. Most people when they are eating are just chew and swallow. And they’re missing out on getting the total satisfaction from their food. By being aware with the taste and feel of the food you’re eating, it’s important for you to feel that you’re full and satisfied therefore helps to avoid overeating. Also try to avoid distractions like TV and radio while eating so you could savour and enjoy each bite of your meal.


2. Eat when you are physically hungry

This is just too obvious. Nevertheless it means not eating if you find yourself just bored or for comfort eating. And also not just because you are supposed to eat three square meals a day!  On the other hand, don’t delay eating once you are physically hungry, or there’s a risk you’ll finally find yourself gorging your food and overeating.


3. Don’t restrict yourself and eat anything you like!

Eat your favorite chocolate cake in moderation


In case you eat slowly enough and really savour your meals, then the deeper part of your brain will alter your tastes and desires for you. You have to avoid denying yourself anything once you’re physically hungry, or your body will still think there is a famine. Only when your body knows it can have whatever it desires (Sure – even when it needs Chocolate Cake!) will it be willing to empty those excess supplies of stored energy in the form of fat.

(Clearly avoid any foods that could be dangerous for you on account of a medical condition.)


4. Try to be active and take moderate exercise

Exercise in moderation

Many people suppose that an important thing about exercising is the amount of energy we burn off while doing it. But, with moderate exercise, we really burn off more calories within the two or three hours after we’ve exercised than during it!

Only a stroll around the block is all it takes to boost your metabolism enough for this. The truth is it is very important keep away from overdoing things within the early stages. It’s much better to under exercise in the beginning than to over train your body which could cause injury. Slowly build up steadily if you want later; you may even get to enjoy it, since it’s discovered that exercise produces ‘happy chemicals’ – endorphins!


5. Weigh less

Weighing your self too often simply picks up the small natural variations that could discourage people. It’s better to weigh your self about once or twice a week; Preferably at the same point within the day on the same day of the week. Midweek is probably best.


And best advice of all is to TAKE IT EASY!

Weight loss using these principles is a gentler more gradual way than dieting. Your body must get used to the concept that it can have anything and everything it wants before it is willing to let go of these pounds. Don’t rush it; your body may even wish to check that it may put a bit extra ON! – earlier than it’s keen to let it go off again. Let it have its way; feed it, nurture it, just don’t stuff it. When it feels Safe, Then is when it would let the pounds drop away!

Once you start using these ideas, you could be stunned at how simple and efficient they can be and at how little food your body really wants.



BMX Street Riding In Philadelphia

August 29th, 2012
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To all the BMX  fanatics, here’s a video you should watch from Alli Sports featuring the bmx’ers of Philadelphia. These riders revealed their experiences riding in the streets of Philly and dealing with cops as well. Featuring top BMX rider Garret Reynolds and Kevin Kiraly. This video will take us to different streets in Philadelphia  and these riders will gonna show us some extreme riding experience.


A Paradise Called Bali

August 28th, 2012
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Let’s take a look on a paradise-like  island of Indonesia called Bali.  Experience their ancient Hindu tradition, walk through forest villages, traditional dance, beautiful beaches, sacred temples, and many more. Bali is often called  ”a paradise on earth” because of it’s astonishing tourist spots. This place is also known for its highly developed arts including painting,sculpture, traditional dance,music, etc.  Lonely Planet will take you to Bali to experience a once in a lifetime tour to a place called paradise. Watch this video and experience the beautiful scenario in Bali.