Emergency Management and Recovery in Business

May 30th, 2013
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Every business needs to prepare and plan for any incoming emergencies. By that, big established businesses continue to grow and maintain their credibility even though faced through tough times. These are the steps that need to be followed in order to execute the emergency management and recovery in businesses:


Step 1: Prepare

In this stage, researching the risks in the area is a good preparation. The history of the location may contribute to your idea to avoid natural disasters that may happen. Also, let your company be insured. It can help you to get back on your feet. Frequently back up your important files.


Step 2: Take action

Preparing your business as much as possible before an emergency situation arises. Remember that the most important thing to do is to ensure the safety of the employees and yourself. Follow the emergency procedures.


Step 3: Recover

Conduct a business impact assessment. Take a look on how the accident affects your business. After that, decide whether to continue the business, pause or stop. If you decided to continue, it is advisable to take some financial advice and counseling. Also, remember to make an insurance claim. After that, rebuild and repair your business. Help your employees return to work and carry on with the business.



How To Swim Breastroke

May 29th, 2013
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The breaststroke is a swimming style through which the swimmer is on his or her chest and the torso doesn’t rotate. It’s the preferred recreational style because of its stability and the flexibility to keep the head out of the water most of the time. In most swimming lessons, beginners are taught either the breaststroke or the front crawl first. For the reason that breaststroke could be swum with the eyes almost all the time above water, |it’s important in lifesaving, because it allows the rescuer to approach the victim without losing sight of them. Nevertheless, in competitive swimming, the breaststroke is considered probably the most difficult strokes, requiring comparable endurance and leg strength to other strokes. Some individuals refer to breaststroke as the “frog” stroke, for your body moves like a frog swimming in the water. The stroke itself is the slowest of any competitive strokes and regarded as the oldest of all swimming strokes. Watch the short video clip above to see the proper way to swim breaststroke.





Cape Town Africa

May 28th, 2013
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Cape Town is the largest and second most populated city in South Africa. Situated in the shore of Table Bay,this city is Africa’s most popular tourist destination because of its unique ambiance. The city is famous for its harbor as well as well-known landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. Today it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, because of its role as a major destination for immigrants from around the world. Cape Town has a lot to offer to travelers who are looking for great scenery, fun and excitement. They have the most beautiful beaches, awesome architectural designs, scenic drives and wine farms which produces  row upon row of grapevines, many of which were first planted hundreds of years ago. Those who love night out entertainment and party you could dance with their exotic drum beat and music along with sumptuous African style meals served. Many tourist and visitors are captivated by its natural beauty, alive with creativity, colors, sounds and taste. This breath taking place is a world class cosmopolitan city with  many sites of historical significance.


Crispy Salmon Recipe

May 27th, 2013
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If you love fish then you could try this Crispy Salmon Recipe. This delicious fish recipe is simple and easy to prepare and you can even serve this with potato crab salad. An important tip when cooking a salmon fish; keep your hands off it while cooking, use a fish slide and turn it once to be able to end up with a perfect crispy salmon. Here are the simple steps on how to prepare it, watch the video.



Salmon Filet

Olive Oil


Spring Onions

Fresh Coriander

Crab Meat


Salt & Pepper


Herbs (rosemary,thyme or basil) for a more aromatic flavor