Michael Phelps: Designed To Swim

January 21st, 2015
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Born to swim, Michael Phelps has a number of distinctive physical characteristics that make him fast. This swimming hero has a lot of edge compared to other notable swimmer. Phelps has been the most popular and considered the fastest swimmer in this generation garnering massive wins and awards. Aside from extensive training, workouts and enthusiasm, he possessed some physical traits and characteristics which made him a champion swimmer. Here is a breakdown of the traits that helps Phelps win. Watch this short video and find out.


Explore The Night Market in Malaysia

January 20th, 2015
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The best way to experience a local culture of a place is to explore its street, food and night market. Locally called “Pasar Malam” are a very prominent feature of Malaysian shopping. Night markets are basically streets which are converted for one day only in a week into a market-place at night. Malaysia is known for its vibrant and colorful night market where you can buy almost everything under the moon. They sell everything from yummy local food and desserts to clothing and souvenirs. If you’re a bit bored of going to the mall and want to shop and roam around the street, Kuala Lumpur’s night markets promise visitors plenty of sights and sounds not to mention a variety of mouth watering foods that will truly amaze the tourists.


How To Make an Easy Omelet Recipe

January 19th, 2015
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Omelet is one of the most popular and favorite food in the world, whether it’s a meat or vegetable omelet, this recipe is basically everyone’s favorite. There are different ways to make an omelet and the easiest way, the better. A lot of cooks are intimidated by omelets and they think of it as a complicated recipe, but actually it’s not. This video from Chef Larry Richardson of Xeniors.com will show you how to cook a delicious and healthy omelet the easy way. This recipe is quite simple which consist only of red and green bell pepper, white onion, jalapeno, egg, butter and cheese. If you love omelet, watch this video as Chef Larry demonstrate the preparation of this healthy vegetarian meal that’s easy to make.



1 big red bell pepper

1 big green bell pepper

4 eggs

1 medium size jalapeno

1 1/2 tbs of butter

1 1/2 tbs of cheese

1 big white onion


Happy Maps Application

January 18th, 2015
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Here’s a new application that would really help improve our life by giving us ideas which part of the city is best place to visit. At Yahoo! Labs in Barcelona, Daniele Quercia and his colleagues imagine new ways to use online maps to improve our lives. Mapping apps help us find the fastest route to where we’re going. But what if we’d rather wander? Researcher Daniele Quercia demos “happy maps” that take into account not only the route you want to take, but how you want to feel along the way.