Basic Boxer’s Training Routine

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Here is a simple basic boxing training routine for beginner boxers to follow. This is the same boxing training used by seasoned amateurs and world class professionals.


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A basic boxing training routine doesn’t need to be fancy or stuffed with unimaginable exercises. It’s usually plain, boring, and focuses on mastering the basics over and over again. As long as you are consistent, devoted and open to learning, this identical boxing training routine will take you far.

2-3 Rounds Jumping Rope

  • Gets your body warmed-up. Reducing chances of injury and increasing performance.
  • Work on breathing and staying relaxed.
  • Don’t rest during the 1-minute break. Just skip through it.
  • You can substitute this with running for the same amount of time.


1-2 Rounds of Stretching

  • Reduces injury, increase blood flow, and increase range of motion.
  • Stretch, arms, legs, and back.
  • Relax the muscle to prepare it for heavy use.


3 Rounds on Focus Mitts

  • Work on offensive and defensive techniques.
  • Focus on speed and accuracy, not power.


3 Rounds Heavy Bag OR 3 Rounds Sparring

  • Practice the offensive techniques you learned from the mittwork (bag or sparring).
  • Make sure you keep your defense up and move (bag or sparring).
  • Feel free to throw some power but don’t get careless (bag or sparring).


2 Rounds Speedbag

  • Be consistent and try not to take too many breaks.
  • Remember to breathe.


2 Rounds Double-end Bag

  • Move around it and throw smaller punches to increase your accuracy.
  • Do this with your training gloves on so you get use to hitting fast targets with punching gloves on.


1-2 rounds stretching/warmdown

  • Relax and stretch out.
  • Feel free to chat with other boxers about techniques you learned that day.


Final Thoughts

This is a simple basic boxing exercise routine. Once you get used to this, you can try all other sorts of conditioning routines designed for specific aspects of boxing. For beginning boxers, I recommend that you don’t over do this routine and don’t try to squeeze in extra training to speed up your boxing improvement. Save the extra energy and motivation you have for next week. Each week gets tougher and it’s important not to burn yourself out. If you’re still a beginner, make sure you take it easy!



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