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One of the scariest rides I've tried "The Abyss"

Hong Kong Ocean Park - Both kids & adults will love these theme park


I worked in Hong Kong for four years and it’s not till my last year of stay did I get the chance to visit Ocean Park. I invited my family (both my parents and my brother) to visit me in Hong Kong during my last few weeks of stay and I decided to surprise them and get us some tickets the next day for Ocean Park adventure. They are very happy and excited when they found out about it, so the next day we woke up early and grabbed us some light breakfast at a fast food (I think it’s McDonald’s) before heading for Ocean Park. We rode a bus in going there and the short travel time (There is a dedicated bus service to/from Ocean Park. ) made us more excited since it’s our first time to visit Ocean Park.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids, or to unleash the kid in you, Hong Kong Ocean Park is a must. With gut-wrenching rides, magical animals and spectacular views, Hong Kong Ocean Park can deliver something for everyone. For thrillseekers Ocean Park has 27 rides to choose from including six new ones in the recently opened Thrill Mountain section
There is a lot to see and do which requires plenty of walking so you do need a full day, taking into account that queueing is inevitable especially for the cable car which links the two main sections of the park.
My tip is to drink plenty of water as you can get quite hot. For those who like to keep their feet on the ground Ocean Park also has lots of animal exhibits (the Giant Panda Adventure is my favourite) and there is a conservation marine life park with a wonderful Aquarium.
A Must-See
One of the Must-Not-Miss show at Ocean Park has to be the dolphins and seals performances at the Ocean Theatre. The animals and human trainers worked hand-in-hand with each other.A few things you just have to note.
1. If you want to have better seating, go at least 15 minutes before the start of the show.
2. We were fighting tooth and nails with the Chinese tourists as they were rushing to grab the seats closest to the stage. The steps down to the seats were narrow and we really felt that things could have been more civilized.
We really enjoyed our whole day stay at Ocean Park and I would recommend you visit this theme park when you have plans of going to Hong Kong with your family and I’m sure you’ll never regret it.



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