Food: What to Eat For Shiny, Healthy Hair

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Is your hair too dry or starting to thin? People who experience to have a dry hair or severe hair fall might lost their self confidence. Almost all people experience this kind of hair mishap, but these doesn’t mean we cannot prevent or at least cure it. There are many remedies to these problems and one great solution is eating the right kind of food. It’s a good thing that there are actually foods which contains vitamins and minerals that can help restore and make our hair healthy. It’s also important to take care of our hair from the outside, but what we really eat does make a difference. Check out these tips on what to eat to keep your hair shiny, healthy, and happy all year long.


Foods that could help hair to become shiny and healthy:

1. Sweet Potato

2. Kiwi

3. Broccoli

4. Spinach

4. Eggs

5. Lentils

6. Peanuts & Almonds

7. Wild Salmon



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