Google Glass Digital Eyewear

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When it comes to internet technology and innovation Google is the king. Google team created such genius search technology and  innovation-friendly office culture such as Adsense, Adwords, Google News, Google Maps, Google Earth, and Gmail, as well as the Android mobile operating system. Now Sergey Brin one of Google’s co founder is leading a special project - the digital eyewear known as Google Glass, an eye-mounted camera/computer. Brin calls for a new way of seeing our relationship with our mobile computers, not hunched over a screen but meeting the world heads-up.


“My vision when we started Google 15 years ago was that eventually you wouldn’t have to have a search query at all. You’d just have information come to you as you needed it. And Google Glass is now, 15 years later, sort of the first form factor that I think can deliver that vision.” Brin quoted.


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