MyTeksi: A Taxi Booking System in Malaysia

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According to Trip Advisor, Kuala Lumpur cabbies have not fared well in the eyes of the world, yet it is heart-warming to know that Malaysians are taking the initiative to alleviate this perception. One good example is an initiative that emphasizes on convenience, efficiency and safety, called MyTeksi. A taxi booking app that first originate in Malaysia and now expanding across Southeast Asian continents. MyTeksi was set up to revolutionize the taxi services in Malaysia. This platform was designed and intended for the convenience and safety of commuters especially in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur where cabs are most in the demand. MyTeksi Product & Marketing Lead Aaron Gill explain the efficiency and the intentions of this taxi app system. “It’s basically the comfort and safetiness of passengers are the main purpose of these taxi application” says Gill.


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