Top Movie Stunts Of All Time

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If you enjoyed watching action and sci-fi movies, you might wanna know how they did those amazing stunts you’ve seen on the screen. How did these action stars or stunt people perform these death-defying scenes in a movie? You will amaze if you witness how they shoot those scenes, whether they’re driving, falling, fighting or setting themselves on fire. Movie stunt people have the skills and the crazy moves to make movie danger feel real – because sometimes, it is real. Just like the action flick “The Fast And The Furious, where the lead stars were driving while moving in between the chasing cars and another action scene where they’re driving a car and jump it off on a running train. These are the most dangerous yet amazing stunts they’ve done in most of the movie’s sequel. For art’s sake sometimes they need to go through dangerous stunts just to make the scene looks real. and its worth it!  Here are the list of the top movie stunts of all time.


1. The Fast and the Furious - Dominic’s(Vin Deisel) Charger gets flipped


2. Mission: Impossible 4 – where Tom Cruise climbs the Burj Khalifa Tower


3. Skyfall - The opening rooftop motorcycle chase


4. District B-13 - Is pretty much one Parkour sequence after another!


5. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon –  Not only were there wing suit base jumpers, they were flying in close proximity to skyscrapers.


6. Goldeneye - The opening bungee jump sequence is death-defying yet amazing


7. Police Story - Jackie Chan took a beating in his slide down a pole, through live wires, and through glass.


8. Safety Last - An oldie but a goodie film, who says old film doesn’t have stunning action stunts? Old school yet cool scene!


9. Ben Hur - The chariot race still remains one of the grandest action sequences ever made.


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